Web Application Development

Modern browser technologies now blur the lines between desktop and web applications. KritiKal understands not only the limitations but also the opportunities that are possible when applications are delivered from the web. KritiKal utilizes robust software engineering principles to deliver scalable n-tiered architecture that ensures that the web applications keep running smoothly even as the consumers and stakeholders of the application increase. We help our clients understand the cost and design trade-offs that public “Cloud” and “No-SQL” providers offer – all with a view to meet business objectives on time and on budget. Our engineers offer complete end-to-end services where web application design, programming and testing all contribute to the creation of development operations style business processes for continuous monitoring and improvements.

Recent Project Portfolio

Our web applications:

  1. Help resource managers to view complex data in easy to understand graphs and visualizations
  2. Provide important reports and views to ease supply chain operations for inventory management
  3. Allow video to be served and consumed at “web-scale”
  4. Provide analytics for property buyers by combining data from disparate sources using ETL tools and innovative business logic

Snapshot of Technology Expertise:

PHP, JavaScript, Java, ASP.NET, .Net / Dot Net, C#
Apache, LAMP, WAMP

From Full Stack Developers to Specialists – Get The KritiKal Edge Today:

Whether your need is to design an application from the ground up or take over maintenance on an existing code base, our analysts & engineers can help. We’re familiar with the full range of design trade-offs when our clients need to “just get the job done.” We ensure that your applications are designed to meet business challenges – from requirements analysis to build and maintenance related challenges. Contact us today – and give your web application the KritiKal edge.

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