Remote Managed Services

24*7. Global. Cost-Effective. 

Technology companies across the world are turning to Remote Managed Services for cutting costs, improving stability and control of their IT infrastructure. By outsourcing the maintenance and running of their core infrastructure, companies are able to free up their resources to concentrate on innovation and business objectives instead of day to day operational activities. With proactive maintenance and preventive services, companies are alerted to early detection of system failures thereby eliminating the need for maintenance downtime.

How KritiKal Solutions Helps

KritiKal’s Remote Managed Services team provides 24*7 proactive remote network monitoring and management services from its Network Operations Center (NOC) to clients across the globe in a consistent, predictable, and cost-efficient manner. Our certified specialists are equipped to assist you with every phase of monitoring and managing your IT Operations including–

  • Monitoring
  • Technical Operations
  • Server Administration

Our Capabilities

  • Tools: Nagios, Solarwinds, QRadar McAfee EPO, Symantec, PaloAlto
  • Providing 24x7x365 availability and performance monitoring of various technology environments
    • Monitoring of IT components and transactions for all events, threshold violations, and errors/faults based on pre-defined metrics
    • Technical Operations including incident management, end-to-end IT support, end user support/help desk functions, remote hands activities (server status checks and reboots), proactive reporting, trend analysis, and IT data management
  • Remote Server Administration and Server Management Services
  • Security Monitoring including intrusion, threat and vulnerability detection, and prevention by using optimized and highly efficient security tools
    • Streamline administration by enforcing threat and data protection policies from a single console using DLP (Data Loss Prevention) tools to secure data from threats and intrusions
    • Provide intrusion, incident, event and log Management

Network Operations Center

Network Operation Centers (NOCs) are the cornerstone of our service delivery architecture. The Network Operations Center has evolved into its present avatar to provide cutting edge infrastructure services to global enterprises. The Network Operations Center has a distributed model with a presence around the globe ensuring uninterrupted service to the customers even in the cases of major disasters. The service delivery is based on the ITIL framework and made available on a 24x7x365 basis. Our NOC is staffed with highly qualified and experienced technical engineers. The adoption of cutting edge tools and processes in Network Operations Center ensures that the services are delivered efficiently and effectively. This helps customers to derive sustainable competitive advantage through an agile and optimized IT infrastructure, which can support their dynamic business environment. By delivering remote infrastructure management services from our Network Operations Center (NOC), we have the ability to perform Level 2 & Level 3 tasks to troubleshoot the problem and notify the designated on-shore technical teams when events/alerts defined by the customer are detected. These notifications include an escalation tracked by open source ticketing systems, as determined by the client.

Advantage of Network Operations Center

The diverse nature of the global IT environment, rapid business expansion, dynamically changing business scenario, fulfilling stringent security and compliance requirements are some of the critical challenges business all across the world are facing. Global organizations constantly struggle to keep pace within this relentlessly challenging environment and are under tremendous pressure to radically enhance efficiency and increase productivity. KritiKal's NOC is the perfect solution to address the challenges through innovative methodology and tools that are designed to help organizations reduce costs and increase operational efficiencies. From assuring the highest infrastructure security to quality process, NOC provides business a competitive edge in the market.

Technical Operations

The company's Technical Operations service combines remote infrastructure management capabilities with the power of service level management to deliver the quality of service your business demands. Our remote operations solution automates the process of IT infrastructure administration, including Incident Management and Problem Management. Above all, we provide flexibility. The solution enables organizations to add, move, or change IT components without disrupting service to users or requiring resources to work off-shift. KritiKal's operations experts can analyze performance trends and pro-actively identify capacity requirements so that the IT infrastructure keeps pace with business growth, helping our clients in meeting the service demands of their organizations.

In direct support of the Information Technology Services Mission, the NOC strives to reduce both the duration and impact of outages of systems provided by IT Services. This is done through effective monitoring, timely and high-quality communication and alerting, and consistent tracking of incident progress. NOC is a conduit through which the IT Services customer is represented with respect to incident prevention, and is a proponent and executor of proactive client communications.

Infrastructure management is simplified into the following functions-

Accurate Infrastructure Management

  • Library of known error database resulting in faster resolution
  • Standard automation tools for day-to-day operations
  • Organization-wide best practices & SOPs implemented
  • Best-in-class quality methodologies
  • Productivity benchmarking to improve performance
  • Regular training to keep abreast of emerging technologies

Available Infrastructure Management 

  • Highly accessible fault tolerant design
  • Multi-location delivery eliminates single point of failure
  • Access Solution: Multiple customer networks for single desktop
  • Pre-built integration with partner & other service lines
  • Readiness for integration with customer’s existing tools

Agile Infrastructure Management 

  • Readily available pool of skilled resources on all domains at all times
  • Faster Ramp ups
  • Ready to use Command Centers across the globe
  • Ready to use service management platform compliant with ITIL standards
  • Plug & play monitoring, management and reporting tools available

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