Handheld Biometric Attendance System

KritiKal’s HBAS 

Mobile Time and Attendance Reader

Handheld Biometric Attendance System

A Portable, Flexible and Durable Solution for Educational Institutes and Classroom Environment

KritiKal’s specialized HBAS: Mobile Time and Attendance Reader is a uniquely perfect solution for Teacher-Student based Educational Institutes time management needs.

HBAS is a fingerprint and RFID card reader specialized for time attendance application. It is the latest innovation KritiKal has for its valued customers. Highly Portable, Flexible and Durable, this particular software has sophisticated features that make it easy and comfortable for the users. 

The portable feature and long battery life makes HBAS a highly demanded solution for Teacher-Student based Educational Institutes. In Educational set ups, the system facilitates real time marking of attendance. 

The pioneering finger print sensors in the device ensure distinguishing each user exclusively for marking attendance, thus offering the most reliable attendance marking. The data collected can be easily uploaded through a user friendly interface and collated for administrative purposes as per customized requirements.

Usage Scenario in a Teacher-Student based Educational Set Up

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