Object Detection, Recognition / Classification & Tracking

KritiKal has extensive experience of developing various object detection, recognition/classification and tracking algorithms. Our expertise derives from having worked on projects related to road sign detection and analysis, automatic vehicle number plate reading systems, aircraft detection in aerial/satellite images, face recognition, vehicle make/model detection, surgical instruments detection etc.

Features of KritiKal’s Object Detection, Recognition/Classification & Tracking solutions

  • Invariance or partial invariance to scale, orientation, affine/perspective distortions and illumination, thus making the detection and recognition process generic and robust to real world scenarios
  • Objects to be detected and recognized can vary from simple shapes like straight lines, squares, circles etc. to more complex objects like vehicle number plates, faces, aircrafts, vehicles, buildings etc.
  • Detection and recognition in case of partial occlusion
  • Simultaneous tracking of multiple moving objects in videos
  • Intelligent outlier rejection
  • Heuristics to handle custom scenarios and to achieve optimal performance

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