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Mobility is about doing business on the go- with anyone, anytime, anywhere. At the intersection of customer expectation and technology innovations KritiKal’s endeavor is to enable and assist our enterprise customers in devising their mobile strategy, re-defining their interactions with clients, and smoothly integrating mobile into their traditional workplace. We have a proven track record of delivering high-performing customized applications and solutions across the B2B and the B2C market.  

Explore our Mobility Expertise 

iOS App Development

iOS, the most preferred OS among those desiring robust and secure apps, makes perfect sense when it comes to building an app with a purpose. No business today can do without an iPhone App. We are a well-established iPhone development company, having rich experience in developing high-profile apps that cater to enterprises belonging to different domains. Leveraging latest iOS SDKs and interface design, our team of skilled technical architects and designers craft innovative, scalable, intuitive, and robust iPhone/iPad mobile applications.

Android App Development

Android is by far the most popular OS in the market owing to its price and flexibilty. We here at KritiKal Solutions, have a team of Android developers that deliver visually stunning mobile apps that work flawlessly in the marketplace. Our expertise in Android SDK, Eclipse and Android Studio, help us explore limitless product development opportunities. This builds our strength in developing any simplistic or intricate application that runs smoothly on all types of major Android devices and versions. 

Cross-platform App Development

Switch to the better way of developing mobile apps that run smoothly on Android, iOS, and Windows platforms using a single codebase. KritiKal has expertise in cross-platform frameworks like Xamarin, Marmalade, Ionic, Phonegap and more. Using cross-platform technology, our coders write the code in a specific language and share the app code across all mobile development platforms. The robust features and characteristics of these technologies provide advanced functionality to the app– making it a valuable business proposition for all types of organizations, from startups to large enterprises. 


Our App Development Process- From Ideation to Future Scaling


Mobility Strategy 

The path from ideation to execution is not short. Therefore, our first step is to analyze the idea and strategize to get to the idea that works best. We here at KritiKal bring years of experience in app development to aid future app owners to craft a failsafe strategy for their app.      

UI/UX Development 

An exquisite design is what make a mobile app stand out. We understand what it takes to thrive in the burgeoning mobile app market. That’s why our UI/UX experts focus on material designing to deliver an exceptional user experience- which is the topmost priority of every business.  


This is the stage where our passionate developers infuse magic into the design prototype and bring out an app with full-fledged functionality and features. Along with our competency of developing apps on multiple app development platforms, we follow an agile methodology to reduce the time-to-market. 

Technology Integration

To best match the unique business needs of our customers, we support technology integration including Payment Gateway, Social Media, Google Ads & Analytics, Push Notifications, Third-party API, Classic Bluetooth, BLE, GPS, and Web Services REST/SOAP integration. We pick the right solution and play around with the right technology integration to build the best fitting app. 

Mobile Testing 

A flaw in an app puts a serious halt to its performance in the market. We here at KritiKal, perform complete mobile testing right from app functionality testing to user experience testing to remove all the bugs thus ensuring that the app runs with optimum performance across all devices and scenarios. 

Future Scaling 

Going live on the app store is not the end of the app development lifecycle for us. After release, we continue to analyze the performance of the app. At KritiKal, we continue to think about improving user-engagement by finding and developing more features thus preparing a plan for future releases.    


We have gained exceptional mobile expertise through building location-based GPS apps, telecommunication based apps, social/dating apps, and next-gen IoT-based apps for our clients. Get in touch with us to experience the best of mobility world!

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