Mobile Vision

Envision the Future with Powerful Mobile Vision Technology 

Mobile technology is continuously unleashing huge opportunities for the digital transformation of enterprises across different domains. Today’s high-end smartphones coupled with a suite of cutting-edge sensors, high-resolution cameras, and fast-performing GPU chipsets, are capable of making sense of visual data. KritiKal Solutions with its experience of more than a decade in the field of Computer Vision and Image Processing has taken first steps in the area of Mobile Vision to deliver innovative solutions. Our developers leverage Machine Learning techniques to devise mobile apps based on Mobile Vision Technology for enterprises that want to move with the speed of its customers. 

Our Mobile Vision Expertise 

Image Processing: At KritiKal Solutions, we analyze and manipulate images for a variety of purposes such as image visualization, image sharpening and restoration, image retrieval, measurement of pattern, and image recognition. We utilize advanced image processing techniques to convert an image into a useful set of data. Through our skillset in mobile vision and image processing, we are capable of capturing data and converting it into valuable insight for multiple domains like forensic studies, remote sensing, military, film industry, textiles, document processing, etc. 

Face Detection: Our developers work on face detection APIs to build groundbreaking smartphone applications for both Android and iOS platforms. Utilizing OpenCV library in mobile app development, we develop a variety of apps where marking of human faces and tracking positions of facial landmarks, is required. Leveraging our mobile vision expertise for Face Detection APIs, our developers can edit photos and videos, improve video feeds through enhancement effects, and create hands-free controls among other things.  

Object Detection: Our developers have a keen understanding of the object detection process and thus are capable of finding instances of real-world objects such as faces, cars, and buildings, in images as well as in videos. We typically use extracted features and learning algorithms to recognize instances of an object category.  Our dexterity in Android SDK and NDK development, helps us build a variety of applications such as image retrieval, security, surveillance, and automated vehicle parking systems. 

Text Recognition: We here at KritiKal Solutions specialize in text recognition based mobile app development. By combining the power of OpenCV library and mobile vision APIs, we devise revolutionary text recognition algorithms that are helpful in detecting text in images, videos, and even in live streams. Text recognition using our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine is a standalone product built by KritiKal to support various applications like vehicle license plate recognition, container text identification, industrial inspection, document digitization and more. 

Mobile Vision is unveiling innovative ways of doing business by driving valuable insights from the visual interpretation of images. Find ways to embark on mobile vision plans for your enterprise with KritiKal Solutions!

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