Switch to the smart way of powering the future by saving energy 

Having served the energy industry for over a decade, KritiKal Solutions with its world-class technology, innovation ecosystem, and industry specific tools, builds revolutionary products ranging from intelligent backup systems to smart metering devices. 

Explore our intelligent offerings:

Smart Inverter System 

KritiKal’s smart inverter systems provide a power backup solution built on high-performing micro-controllers & RTOS. Our top of the line power backup systems can cater to all kinds of residential and commercial emergency needs. We deployed our dedicated Embedded & IoT engineers and leveraged our industry-wide expertise to build a backup system that is unparalleled in performance. Having a sleek and modern design with rich visualization functionalities, our smart battery backup device is capable of remotely monitoring and measuring the status and health of the system. 

Key highlights of our Smart Inverter System 

  • Built-in power section, load controlling unit and communication module
  • Provides efficient way of battery charging in a phased manner
  • Touchscreen GUI displaying system parameters like Input supply condition, Battery Charging and Capacity, Mode of Operation and Output Load condition
  • GUI also supports real time clock, on-screen keypad, menu for system commissioning, functional test, and duration test
  • Ethernet and Wi-Fi peripherals for connectivity and data logging 

Smart Metering System

To save on electric bills and optimize usage, a failsafe way is to deploy smart meters. KritiKal’s intelligent smart meter remotely monitors the energy consumed and sends out alerts. Leveraging our expertise in Embedded systems and IoT, we built a capable, secure, and highly reliable smart metering solution that helps residential and commercial units keep track of their current electricity production and consumption. Our indigenous smart meter device utilizes Modbus protocol, RS485, CANBUS for connectivity and data logging. It stores the energy consumption data, interacts with the meter and transmits data to the cloud server. Also, you can view different parameters like active power, voltage, and electricity in the form of analytics-driven reports on your mobile phones or desktops.

Key highlights of our Smart Meter Solution 

  • Wireless data collection mechanism 
  • All the data collected by the data concentrator is uploaded to the cloud application via Ethernet, WIFI or GPRS 
  • Events and alerts sent via SMS/email to the registered user 
  • Can collect data from a large number of electricity smart meters in a fraction of seconds 
  • Local memory for data storage in case of loss of connectivity
  • Supports remote diagnostics and has built-in remote over-the-air (OTA) firmware upgrade 
  • Maintains diagnostics and connectivity information of the whole network
  • Accurate and reliable billing
  • Loads survey help in demand forecasting 

KritiKal’s smart range of systems are crafted with a combination of cutting-edge technology and outperforming characteristics. We have a diverse portfolio of high efficiency and high-performing products with broad applications in the energy industry. 

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