Delivering a dynamic in-car experience for a Connected World

The Connected Car space is going through unprecedented changes. This dramatic shift can be attributed to newer technologies available at lower prices, non-traditional high-tech entrants, and a consumer lifestyle that is moving towards car-sharing instead of car ownership. OEMs, facing enormous challenges due to fierce competition led by automotive megatrends and new entrants, need a technology partner to steer their innovation. KritiKal Solutions, a pioneer in delivering connected car solutions, provides an immersive connected experience that exceeds the boundaries outlined by traditional vehicular transportation. Our dedicated engineers with their in-depth technology expertise, develop and produce ground-breaking connected-car systems for the vehicle of tomorrow.

Connected Car Solutions

 High-tech connected car solutions enable users to stay connected to  the outside environment and allows them to operate their  entertainment systems on the go. In addition, it encompasses a  comprehensive security function that not only assists the driver in  finding an optimal route in cases of congestion or heavy traffic but  also protects the driver and passengers from any possible hazards.  KritiKal’s connected car offerings include a wide array of solutions  including intra-vehicle communication/infotainment, autonomous  driving systems, vehicle-to-X communication and vehicle telematics.  By leveraging innovative technologies, we continuously strive to  contribute to shaping the trends in the automotive industry for  enhanced driver safety and a greener environment.

In-vehicle Infotainment System: Our product engineering services cater to provide the finest in-vehicle infotainment solutions that offer complete information, entertainment, and communications services. KritiKal leverages its expertise through its innovation ecosystem, which includes strategic collaborations with IITs, to provide solutions ranging from highly-integrated in-vehicle communication systems for a luxurious in-car experience to mid-level solutions equipped with the basic connectivity options. Our modules and technology supporting infotainment solutions offer up-to-the-minute information on the user’s dashboard be it of navigation maps or live streaming of news. We offer smartphone integration and connectivity options to address the aggressive needs of global auto markets and diverse end-customers.

Autonomous Driving System: At KritiKal, we have a pool of dedicated engineers to work on technologies such as sensor data fusion, object visualization & validation, integrated image processing and automated evaluation of large quantities of data to develop autonomous solutions. Our strong R&D linkages and vast experience in product engineering services has helped us in develop products and solutions in areas such as lane detection, driver drowsiness detection, traffic sign & scene detection, pedestrian detection, taillight & vehicle detection, surround view, and data labeling. 

Vehicle-to-X Communication System: Our in-house technology design expertise and strong alliances with our R&D partners, provides strength to our objective of developing state-of-the-art vehicle-to-x communication solutions. These solutions ensure safety and coordinated driving maneuvers focused around electronically networking vehicles and infrastructure. Also, we are relentlessly working on creating technologies that enable each connected vehicle on a road network to generate real-time information and send updated information to other connected vehicles to improve traffic congestion scenarios.

Vehicle Telematics: Our engineers are capable of building advanced telematics solutions that ensure carmakers have a complete solution to address connectivity- be it vehicle-to-vehicle or vehicle-to-infrastructure connectivity. Our efforts under the vehicle telematics domain include a suite of functions that range from emergency call buttons to extended service options like traffic update notifications, vehicle on-board diagnostics using CAN-based technology and service bookings.     

Why choose KritiKal?

  • We have deep-domain expertise in advanced automotive technologies available for the connected car ecosystem, including Infotainment, Safety Sensors, On-board Diagnostics, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth connectivity and vehicle telematic
  • With excellent in-house product engineering capabilities, we innovate continuously in the development of advanced connected car solutions
  • We work with leading automotive manufacturers as well as their suppliers and dealers, helping them connect in the next-generation digital world
  • We cater a unique in-vehicle experience by leveraging our multi-disciplinary skills that range from advanced electronics to cloud-based analytics

Our high-tech connected car solutions and capabilities, enable our clients to enhance end-user experience, capitalize on new business models, fast-track the innovation growth, generate actionable insights, build a scalable architecture, and expedite the time-to-market for new products. 

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