Medical Imaging

Reinventing Healthcare with Next-Gen Medical Imaging Solutions

The healthcare industry is on the cusp of change with a massive disruption by means of Medical Imaging technology that promotes non-invasive treatment to enable healthier lives. According to market experts, the influence of Medical Imaging is constantly growing and soon it will re-invent the field of medical diagnostics and therapeutics. Being among the fastest growing companies in the area of Computer Vision & Image Processing, KritiKal Solutions thoughtfully combines engineering & science to build next-generation Medical Imaging solutions that help medical institutions, healthcare companies and clinical research centers to improve healthcare experiences. Our innovative concepts, technical acumen, and coalition with top technology institutes open the doors for new possibilities in clinical trials.  

Our Expertise under Medical Imaging and Vision

KritiKal’s expertise under medical vision & imaging stretches across a suite of solutions ranging from registration of multiple images and mosaicing to pseudo-coloring and removing of artifacts from the image. We have a rich experience, and our exposure to the latest inventions happening in the medical industry help us build revolutionary algorithms and software that assist doctors & medical researchers in performing clinical analyses by creating visual representations of the interior of a body.

Why choose KritiKal ?

  • We have 17 years of experience in providing high-performing Computer Vision and Imaging solutions worldwide

  • We are backed by a pool of talented engineers having vast experience in imaging, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, machine learning, object recognition, 3D vision, and 3D modeling

  • We develop state-of-the-art medical imaging solutions that ensure long-term, predictable, and sustainable cost saving

  • With a massive, technologically advanced portfolio we always strive to deliver cutting-edge clinically relevant solutions that drive precision for patients, providers, and payers

  • We relentlessly focus on adopting new trends to foster medical experiences  

  • We follow industry standard processes and practices to ensure full-lifecycle imaging solutions

At KritiKal Solutions, we have the capability of automating clinical equipment to improve the outcomes of the medical equipment used in diversified branches of medical science like radiology, oncology, cardiology, gerontology, and orthopedics. Our imaging solutions not only create a better collaboration between systems for diagnosis, treatment, and surgical simulation but also significantly contribute to cost reduction in delivering of health care services.

If you are ready to connect the care in hospitals and beyond, consult with our medical imaging professionals today. 

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