Powering the Future of Electric Transportation

Urban cities aiming to achieve an emission-free future, are eying an all-electric fleet right from e-rickshaws to e-buses in the forthcoming future. With the widespread emergence in e-vehicle space, we here at KritiKal Solutions have embarked on a mission to reduce carbon footprint by building next-generation electric vehicle charging systems. Armed with a large pool of technologists and cutting-edge industry tools, we possess the strength of imbuing innovation and latest technology trends into our EV charging system. 

KritiKal Solutions having expertise in Embedded Hardware and Software has built a high voltage and highly efficient 800W (65VDC, 12.3A) charger that supports a universal voltage range.  

Key highlights of our Electric Vehicle Charger 

  • This model has the capability of charging a lead acid battery up to 65V with up to 12A 
  • Involves temperature sensing circuit and protection features like output overload protection, short-circuit protection, over temperature protection, output-over-voltage protection, output reverse polarity protection, input inrush protection, & input over-current protection
  • Works on full bridge phase shifted PWM topology
  • A Red LED which indicates Charger Input Supply 
  • 4 Green LEDs indicate the continuous charging status 
  • A built-in cooling fan to maintain an even temperature throughout
  • Trickling charge functionality to avoid discharge with auto cutoff protection when it reaches 100%
  • Follows EMI/EMC compliances at each level of component selection 

With our portfolio of EV charging solutions, we are creating a sustainable environment which is emission-free. Whether you are an EV driver, a commercial entity, or municipality, we have a suite of electric vehicle charging solutions that match your needs. 

Our variants of Lead-acid battery charger 

Gear up for the all-electric fleet mission! Collaborate with KritiKal Solutions because we are on the path of innovation and transformation of transportation by decarbonizing the environment.

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