Embedded Software Design

Our embedded software developers work with customers across industry verticals to develop and design innovative embedded products that rely on increasingly complex software designs. Our expertise extends to-

  • Embedded and Real Time variants of Operating Systems based on Linux and other platforms such as VxWorks: We specialize in Linux based system development which plays a key role in delivering adaptive and cost-effective solutions with very high product quality
  • Microcontroller and Embedded Processor based Real Time Operating Systems: We have our own RTOS architectures which are small and efficient 
  • Free RTOS for Embedded Processors 
  • Embedded Boot Loaders like uboot, grub, redboot and colilo 
  • Device drivers and BSP (Board Support Packages) for various architectures - PowerPC, Arm9, MIPS, ColdFire, x86, PIC, AVR, 8051 and buses - SPI, PCI, USB, I2C, VME, Rocket IO, CPCI, CAN, RS485 and RS232 
  • Network Routing Platforms with support for RIP, OSPF, BGP, DHCP, PPP, HDLC etc.
  • Performance oriented real-time system development 
  • Various ITU-T standard telecom protocols (PDH/SDH: E1, E2, E3, STM-1, STM-4, STM-16 etc.) 
  • Applications for Windows CE, CE .NET (XScale, Embedded Celeron) 
  • DSP applications 
  • Computer Vision based embedded systems - Interfacing Cameras with Microprocessors 

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