Shift to Iterative, Agile, and Error-Free Delivery 

Legacy software development practices often can’t keep up with the pace of innovation. Bringing agility with DevOps helps companies accelerate software development and its releases. DevOps help organizations reap outstanding business outcomes with the ability to release more code irrespective of any technical snags. At KritiKal Solutions, we help businesses build out-of-the-box software by going beyond the manual processes towards an automated, collaborative, and agile way of working. We have rich experience in DevOps and thus leverage this expertise to optimize business capabilities in terms of infrastructure automation, continuous integration, and frequent & swift delivery. Our DevOps team architect solutions that help organizations enhance the performance and value proposition of their business through a perfect mapping of business objectives and DevOps technologies.

KritiKal’s 6 C’s of DevOps Implementation 


Continuous Planning: It starts with identifying the skills, outcomes, and resources required for a software project. We at KritiKal Solutions ensure optimum transparency in planning by combining IT professionals, stakeholders, software architects, and release management as a team that can plan towards common goals, and achieve better understanding of dependencies.  

Collaborative Development: This stage involves sketching the development plan and coding.  We work on Codeignitor, Django, Laravel framework using PHP5, Smarty template engine, and other client side & server side scripting languages like Javascript, Jquery, and NodeJS, PHP, Python, AJAX working with Rest, Soap and Slim APIs respectively. Also, we have developers, who are experts on WordPress, Opencart and Magento for creating eCommerce websites. 

Continuous Testing: At this stage, we ensure the quality of software release. All the activities are designed to ensure top-notch code quality and thereafter the code is deployed to production. KritiKal Solutions has expertise in functional, automation, security, performance, mobile, and cloud testing that helps in boosting the efficiency and speed of the software development. 

Continuous Release and Deployment: Software product release activities incorporate scheduling, orchestration, and deploying software into production and pre-defined environments. Our continuous deployment pipeline helps in implementing code reviews and developer check-ins in an uninterrupted manner.   

Continuous Monitoring: Continuous monitoring is an essential part of our DevOps toolchain. It allows our IT team to figure out specific issues of specific software releases and understand their direct impact on end-users. Our skilled DevOps team monitors the changes and addresses the flaws spontaneously whenever they occur in the development lifecycle. 

Collaborative Customer Feedback and Optimization: The final stage piece of DevOps puzzle is customer feedback and optimization.  At this stage, we allow for the immediate response of business customers on products and its features, and support businesses to optimize the feedback accordingly. 

Our Next-gen DevOps offerings include


With our DevOps Solutions, we enable companies to fast-track innovation on software applications by ensuring that releases are quick, predictable, and flawless.  

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