Desktop Application Development

KritiKal has helped many organizations simplify business processes, integrate disparate tools and collaborate better internally and externally. Our applications development team follows well-honed software engineering principles to ensure the best mix of reliability, timeliness and cost of delivery for our clients. Our teams are operating system and programming language agnostic and ensure that the choice of software application environment and code targets application requirements first. A large part of our application development prowess is in the design and integration of algorithms into applications, hence, our application developers have gained decades of experience not only in designing well engineered software but also in providing applications that have high performance (CPU, RAM & IO) considerations built into the low level design of software.

Recent Project Portfolio

We’ve built applications that:

  1. Integrate and provide user interfaces for image processing algorithms 
  2. Simplify remote sensing, raster data processing and collaboration
  3. Perform middleware functions to convert between complex communication formats
  4. Allow scientists to carry out studies using judges and subjects
  5. Helped integration of novel cash handling technology into the complex business application of a Bank

Snapshot of Technology Expertise

Python, Qt, Java, C#, Visual Studio, Dot Net / .Net

Efficient, High Performance Applications – Get The KritiKal Edge Today

Contact us today if your business processes don’t easily gel with brand name ERP, QMS or CRM software. We’ll help you design applications that support your business processes rather than making you change your processes and in effect pay thousands of dollars in licensing fees to brand name solution providers. Our engineers are flexible to follow the correct SDLC processes and deliver applications on a continuum of stability and continuous change. Contact us today – and give your business the KritiKal edge.

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