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Gain Insights and Drive Growth through accurate Data Labeling 

Puzzled about how best to deal with large chunks of unstructured data to obtain meaningful insights? Seeking a trained workforce to organize a continuous stream of unlabeled data? KritiKal Solutions helps businesses across the globe tackle thousands of petabytes of data and become more productive. Right from classifying common car logos and identifying celebrities in photos or videos to determining the gender of people in media and categorizing items in marketplaces- we do it all with a tailor-made software to bring effective results to drive the growth of your business. 

Data labeling to grow conversion rates 

At KritiKal Solutions, we deeply understand how important the content and audience is to drive revenue, therefore we render quality data at a faster speed so that a discrepancy never hinders your business performance. We have a curated pool of trained workforce to accomplish tasks and maintain the utmost quality in the data flow that eventually results in better user experience. So, create a remarkable customer journey by drawing meaningful insights from quality data generated through our data labeling team.  

Our core expertise areas

Data Labeling

Why Choose KritiKal Solutions? 

  • We focus on distributed workflows to convert a tediously long task into an easy job that takes few hours to finish 
  • We are armed with a pool of trained workforce to perform data labeling that eliminates the need of having dedicated operations team in a business 
  • We possess a rich domain expertise to match specific business needs quickly and more efficiently 
  • With our scalable ecosystem, we can handle a large volume of tasks right from 10 items a day to several hundred thousand items
  • We deliver highly accurate results by involving human in the loop at every stage of business operations 

We continuously invest in delivering the utmost customer experience which in turn reinforces us to build expertise in technology and operations to work better. In the 10 years of our time span, we have successfully completed 1000 projects for more than 15 clients under data labeling services.  

Quick rundown of our processed data

It’s time to re-think: scale up your business without compromising on the quality of data. Bring more productivity, drive infinite growth and save a significant amount of money by teaming up with KritiKal Solutions. We look after all your data labeling needs so that you can focus on your core businesses that enables you to generate more profit.  

Tap into our network of experienced manpower to get your data labeling task done speedily and efficiently!

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