Cloud IoT Solutions

Allowing enterprises to stay connected anytime, anywhere!  

The market of connected things is growing exponentially–stimulating a potential economic impact increasing from $3.9 trillion to $11.1 trillion a year by 2025.This report published by global consulting firm McKinsey in 2015 plainly reveals that the need to stay connected is a big focus amongst businesses of any size and domain. With the fast-paced evolution of IoT and Cloud technology, there is no limit to possibilities in this hyper-connected world. With this in mind, we here at KritiKal Solutions, build outperforming Cloud and IoT applications that turn businesses into agile, efficient and profitable entities. 

How are we helping companies with our advanced Cloud IoT solutions?  

Ensuring seamless connectivity 

Our technology expertise spans IoT hardware & software platforms, sensors, networks, advanced communication technologies, connection protocols and network enablers to connect data from every device, website, and any internet connected platforms.  

Build real-time interactions

With our Cloud IoT solutions, businesses get a comprehensive view of product usage and performance associated with IoT devices and real-time customers. In this way, we develop real-time customer experiences across all of the IoT-connected devices. 

Scalable and Efficient

Applications deployed on the cloud can automatically scale when the workload increases rapidly. We keep all computing needs in mind while developing the applications for a specific business use case.  

Streamline processes 

One of the major benefits of cloud deployment is that it streamlines the process by optimally using all the resources. IoT applications deployed on cloud platforms make business processes more efficient and bring prominent business value. 

Our Expertise 

At KritiKal, we are connecting enterprises with customers, partners, employees, and machines by drawing on our combined strength in cloud app development, sensor integration, mobility solutions, data analysis techniques, deployment, and maintenance. We help companies construct solution roadmaps, standard prototypes, proof-of-concepts using real devices, and cater end-to-end capabilities that are required to build a robust IoT-enabled system.  Backed by a pool of cloud app developers and IoT engineers, we develop cutting-edge solutions that provide real-time actionable intelligence from internet-connected smart devices across disparate industries.   

Discover immense opportunities and drive maximum business value by staying connected with KritiKal’s Cloud IoT Solutions. 

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