Algorithm and Sensor Integration

KritiKal has helped companies transform their patents into working ideas on mobile devices. There are few product engineering companies with our breadth of mobile application development expertise. Case in point - our mobility projects started when mobile applications were run on Windows CE and Embedded Linux devices. With the advent of modern devices with stable eco-systems (i.e. Android, iOS & Windows Phone) now becoming the norm – KritiKal has continued to be at the forefront of delivering mobility software with an edge. Our application design capabilities go well beyond designing user interfaces and client-server applications.

Camera sensor

KritiKal has successfully integrated various image processing algorithms designed by our CVIP practice to work in the constrained environment of mobile devices. For example, our engineers have successfully ported algorithms that:

  1. Analyze skin texture from selfies
  2. Analyze hair texture from a custom designed ARAM HUVIS android device

Microphone sensor

KritiKal helped our client with the design and implementation of an algorithm that utilizes the microphone on a mobile phone not only to recognize what movie is playing in a theatre; but also to start and synchronize an alternate language audio track from the exact location where the movie is currently being played back. We advised the client on patent related issues for the algorithm as well.

Magnetometer / Accelerometer sensor

KritiKal helped our client design and integrate an algorithm that helps geo-locate a phone without the use of GPS. The algorithm can help track and navigate in environments where GPS information is difficult to come by (atmospheric disturbances / in-doors).

Sensor Integration & Performance Tuning – Get The KritiKal Edge Today:

Think you have a unique idea but unsure of how mobile devices can help? Application eating up RAM or CPU cycles? Get the KritiKal edge – we have deep knowledge of mobile sensor capabilities and we can help deliver speed-ups to the range of 10x by suggesting better algorithm design, data structure choices and developing applications that function with lower overheads. Our USP is software design expertise that has been honed from working on algorithms, device drivers and embedded software – give your mobile applications the KritiKal edge by getting in touch with us today.

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